Public libraries in New Zealand under attack again?

A recent  issue of the Listener features an editorial on why an increasing effort is needed to preserve our public libraries in New Zealand. It gives an overwhelmingly positive message which is fantastic, and in great contrast to a post on a blog from the UK  claiming libraries are a barrier to reading. The issue of public funding of libraries in New Zealand was a hot topic on a couple of the  blogs over Christmas/New Year, on Bill Ralston’s blog, and on Moata Tamaira’s Blog idle, – I haven’t read all the comments in depth but there will be a wealth of public opinion to be mined I am sure!

While on the subject of libraries and their worth I came across a fantastic idea Rochester Hills Public Library  in the U.S  uses to show library users the value of the books they have taken out, and thereby demonstrates how much money they have saved by using the library.  The link to this initiative was in a fantastic new blog I’ve come across on libraries and marketing – more on that soon!

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