Having trouble keeping up?

After a recent injury I feel like I am! This presentation by Sarah Houghton-Jan could be useful. It is:

A presentation developed for a two hour session at the Texas Library Association’s annual conference in 2009 (held in Houston). The presentation covers methods for dealing with information overload, ways to stay current, and tools/sites/resources for staying current in the field of librarianship

Trend catchup

Awhile back I started reblogging the 7 trends Alison Circle was reporting on her Bubble Room blog. The first two were going green and the recession. I never quite did get back and cover the rest! So here they are:

#3  Cell 2.0 the evolution of mobile devices

#4 Transparency designing our work spaces so people can see what librarians really do

#5 Authenticity staying true to an idea. This one has been mentioned in trend watching for a few years now and its one libraries should see as a natural “fit” with what we do. Keeping it real, being authentic.

#6 Open brand  being open to personalisation, customisation, includes connecting with customers via social networking but its more than that

#7   Grey The ageing population. Interesting one this – I remember a few years back seeing a bunch of older customers swiftly changing queues at the issue desk to avoid being tangled up with a bunch of school kids. What do our older customers want from our libraries, is this going to change over time?

Survey of NZ school children – preliminary results

The Dominon Post reported on the first findings from this survey on Saturday. (Interesting that they are releasing results before the survey is even finished? Maybe its to get more publicity about it?)

The survey is:

Organised by Auckland University, the Education Ministry and Statistics New Zealand, the project aims to raise pupils’ interest in maths and statistics and provide a sketch of what they are thinking, feeling and doing.

Great! Any library questions in there I wonder? (If there aren’t can we get any added :-))

Interesting things so far:

* 88 per cent of children use a social network website

* 85 per cent of boys have a game console at home.

* 77 per cent of girls own an mp3 music player.

* 50 per cent of children download or listen to music online.

Nice feature of Library Press Display

If you are fortunate enough to have access to Library Press Display through your library, you can use this great feature to “publish” a newspaper page onto your blog. If you click on the newspaper page it will open in a browser – and it can be accessed by readers whether they are subscribers to LPD or not – its a sort of “free view.” Library Press Display only has a 60 day archive for each newspaper – but as far as I am aware access to the free view is ongoing.

  Manawatu Standard
01 Apr 2009