Trend catchup

Awhile back I started reblogging the 7 trends Alison Circle was reporting on her Bubble Room blog. The first two were going green and the recession. I never quite did get back and cover the rest! So here they are:

#3  Cell 2.0 the evolution of mobile devices

#4 Transparency designing our work spaces so people can see what librarians really do

#5 Authenticity staying true to an idea. This one has been mentioned in trend watching for a few years now and its one libraries should see as a natural “fit” with what we do. Keeping it real, being authentic.

#6 Open brand  being open to personalisation, customisation, includes connecting with customers via social networking but its more than that

#7   Grey The ageing population. Interesting one this – I remember a few years back seeing a bunch of older customers swiftly changing queues at the issue desk to avoid being tangled up with a bunch of school kids. What do our older customers want from our libraries, is this going to change over time?

One thought on “Trend catchup

  1. Good post, Alison. I read the post on Transparency with great interest. For too many people, the most visible “Librarian” is a check-out clerk who often adds no value to the experience (due to job design, not due to any defect of the person).

    If implemented in a library environment, who is the transparency “aimed” at? I’ve seen many libraries where the staff offices are locked off on seperate floors where users cannot access at all. I wonder how one deals with that?

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