Sometimes simple promotional tools work the best!

At Massey University Library we’ve been developing some online tutorials for students and as part of the project we are getting a few students to evaluate each one. We weren’t sure how easy it would be to interest students in taking part, but the lure of the $5 printing credit seems to have worked quite well. We put a notice up on the blackboard that we have outside the library, and the whiteboard we have up on level 2 where the information commons is. These proved really effective at recruiting students – even though it’s mid-semester break and there are fewer students around we got the 6 business students we needed in what was effectively less than a day. This was a way better result than we were expecting and gives us a bit of confidence that the evaluation process isn’t going to hold up the production of tutorials at all.

Whiteboard marketing also came into its own earlier in the week. I was scheduled to take a 5.15pm intro Endnote class on Wednesday night. There were no takers on Tuesday morning, but thanks to a message on the whiteboard I  had 11 people at the class in the end.



One thought on “Sometimes simple promotional tools work the best!

  1. mandicane says:

    I really like the way you presented the request for help on the whiteboard, with the ticked boxes.

    I think your marketing strategy was highly effective in recruiting students too!

    well done!

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