Discovering thewikiman

Today – thanks to the miracle of pingbacks – I had the great pleasure to discover thewikiman blog. Joy of joys, this blog by Ned Potter also covers marketing and advocacy, along with technology trends and a host of other information professional topics. I’ve previously posted Ned’s excellent presentation So you want to work in libraries, but had failed to discover his blog.  Ned has a book on marketing underway – you can read all about it and take in the excellent feedback he has from his readers, including some from none other than Terry Kendrick. Terry is the author of Developing strategic marketing plans that really work and is not surprisingly an advocate of applying a bit of strategic focus to the subject 🙂

Trial by Twitter

Seems to me most people still think of Twitter as a phenomenal waste of time, inhabited either by attention crazed celebs or nobodies updating the twitterverse on the latest trivia in their lives. And of course there are plenty of those out there on Twitter (I indulge in the latter from time to time, especially on my personal Twitter account). Even my own attempts to articulate the value that you can get from Twitter sound unconvincing (although there may be other issues that hamper me there).

But still I think I have to keep plugging away with the message that even if you don’t engage with Twitter, you have to understand how people are using it. So to add to the scholarly communication mix, here is an article that describes how academic papers are being critiqued on Twitter:

Peer review: Trial by Twitter

Blogs and tweets are ripping papers apart within days of publication, leaving researchers unsure how to react