Displays I like #2

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Dunedin to continue working on the content for the upcoming LIANZA marketing workshops I will be co-presenting with Liz Knowles. While I was there I got to have a look around Dunedin City Library. These are the recommended reading displays at the Library, which is the main library in the Dunedin Public Libraries system.

Just like the sweets positioned close to the checkout in the supermarket, these eye-catching displays are positioned alongside the self-issue machines to entice borrowers to take a few more books home with them.

Behind the self-issue machines and the display stands is an example of what you can do to refresh tired old display boards – just recover them with some interesting fabric.

The “we recommend” sign is part of the consistent signage throughout the library – I even saw a “Mind your head” sign that was the same design. Now that is attention to detail 🙂

2 thoughts on “Displays I like #2

  1. Ali says:

    Yes the boards are great aren’t they. And they have recovered chairs too instead of buying new ones – very effective.

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