Marketing is not cake decorating

 “Marketing is not cake decorating. It is not done at the end of a project. If it is done well, it is integrated at the beginning.”

I found this wonderful quote in a recent post by Alison Circle which includes some real gems about branding included in a webinar by Tina Thomas (Edmonton Public Library).

I have so much more I would like to blog about branding – in the meantime check out what Alison has highlighted

We so do not want to be the socks

Yet another snappy video from Arizona State University – this time showing how students can connect with the Library to give feedback. I love the analogy with birthday presents – if you don’t tell someone what you want, you’ll end up with socks 😉

So it’s like YOUR Google?

At Massey University Library we have recently launched our Discover database –  which offers an integrated Google-style search of many of the Library’s article databases, ebooks, the catalogue, Massey Research Online and other resources, instead of searching each resource individually. Anyone can search Discover from our Library home page. Our publicity for Discover stepped up a notch this week at our Turitea campus with a simple but eye-catching display going up. We are starting to get more of branded look for our posters now using a specific template. We got the posters printed by our printery on campus so we could get some larger sizes, and had them finish them in a nice matt finish.  
The posters include quotes from initial student feedback:
Today we had a quick working party in the office to staple sweets to bookmarks and we then took them out to the Information Commons to hand out to students (felt a bit like channelling my inner flight attendant*). So that quick promotional effort reached over 100 students and it was a winner – we got several students asking us about Discover – one said “so it’s like your Google?” Right on the money. I think that actively distributing promotional materials with the added attraction of some candy is a technique that is well worth us trying again in the future.


 *In New Zealand flight attendants walk up and down the aisles distributing sweets before getting organised for landing.