Marketing is not cake decorating

 “Marketing is not cake decorating. It is not done at the end of a project. If it is done well, it is integrated at the beginning.”

I found this wonderful quote in a recent post by Alison Circle which includes some real gems about branding included in a webinar by Tina Thomas (Edmonton Public Library).

I have so much more I would like to blog about branding – in the meantime check out what Alison has highlighted

2 thoughts on “Marketing is not cake decorating

  1. Amanda Curnow says:

    not only that, but marketing should be a business as usual part of librarianship. Especially but not limited to the academic environment, we need to constantly be getting our message out there, often the same ones, each semester. we get new students every 3-4 months. they all come from different places, and undergrads are a different demographic and need a different marketing approach than postgrads.

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