How far are we prepared to go …

… to make things easier for our customers?

Awhile back I mused on the possibility that might be one public library for all New Zealand, and I have seen other references to it this year as well. 

Too big an idea to deal with?

 How about consistent signage across libraries as in this example from Mexico!

This could be implemented in any sort of library – public, academic, school.

I can hear the detractors already.

Never ask a busy person to lunch …

… is advice offered in this article of  how to get the ear of important busy people.  Look beyond the corporate tone if that doesn’t gel with you – you’ll still find some gems of good advice about how to approach those you want to connect with.

Now how do I go about getting that coffee budget 😉

What tactics do you have for networking and relationship building?

Thanks to @MasseyMBA for the link to this article on Twitter

Tips for using Facebook insights

As a Facebook page administrator I must confess I still haven’t got my head around what the Facebook insights feature has to offer. I see one of my favourite social media bloggers (and fellow kiwi) Simone McCallum has written this post on exactly that subject.

If you are looking for interesting people to follow on Twitter I’d recommend Simone – her Twitter name is @simonemccallum