Promoting our recreational reading collection

We have a smallish collection of novels in our academic library to give staff and students the option of relaxing with a book, rather than studying one. This collection is receiving a promotional boost pre-Christmas with this eye-catching display on level 1 of our library on the Manawatū campus. Our lending team have put this together and utilised some clever 3D effects to give some visual interest.


Love the humour!IMG_2408

IMG_2407I think I fancy a little Riesling with my reading this summer!

Do you have a rec reading collection in your academic or special library? How do you go about promoting it?



2 thoughts on “Promoting our recreational reading collection

  1. Hi Ali,

    Enjoyed the post. I’m a stacks coordinator and I also try to promote recreational reading in my academic library. I do a couple of things. For one, we have displays of books on carts that feature recreational reading. However, we don’t just put out our popular reading but also things from the main collection that aren’t traditionally thought of as being in an academic library. For example, our literature collection has many ‘fun’ reads along with our children’s collection. Also, we have a lot of recreation, cooking and crafts, etc. books that are often overlooked. To highlight these carts we use a libguide (, and placement near highly used stairs. The carts are also featured on our digital display boards in the library corridor.

    Lastly, we have a separate ‘Browsing’ section of stacks in our Reading Room. These are books that are popular and more like something from a public library. Separating these and featuring in a highly used location also has helped promote these fun/recreational reads.

    • Ali says:

      Hi Sandra – thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. That’s a great idea to pull other items out of the collection to promote them. Love your libguide too!

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