Unthinking: the surprising forces behind what we buy

I emerged from my Sunday morning slumber this morning to hear an interview on Radio New Zealand National with Harry Beckwith, author of Unthinking: the surprising forces behind what we buy.

It sounds like an interesting read on the psychology of why we make the purchase decisions that we do.

This link should get you to the podcast (for as long as RNZN has it up on their site)

Cultural trends for 2009

The Hartman Group is a consumer insight company and they’ve put out a summary of what they see as the cultural trends for 2009.

These are:

1. Big brands do boutique

2. Taking it to the streets

3. Customization is out of beta

4. User generated content is not a four letter word

5. Let’s meet up

6. The great and powerful Mom

7. The great big conversation

8. DIY goes global

9. The rise of steampunk

10. The rise of the amateur expert home decorator

11. Traveling in  hipster comfort

12. Gone Green for Good

Its a summary report, but there’s enough commentary to get a good idea of what each trend covers