Discovering thewikiman

Today – thanks to the miracle of pingbacks – I had the great pleasure to discover thewikiman blog. Joy of joys, this blog by Ned Potter also covers marketing and advocacy, along with technology trends and a host of other information professional topics. I’ve previously posted Ned’s excellent presentation So you want to work in libraries, but had failed to discover his blog.  Ned has a book on marketing underway – you can read all about it and take in the excellent feedback he has from his readers, including some from none other than Terry Kendrick. Terry is the author of Developing strategic marketing plans that really work and is not surprisingly an advocate of applying a bit of strategic focus to the subject 🙂

Useful book: Developing strategic marketing plans that really work

While running a search on libraries and marketing I came across a book review on Developing strategic marketing plans that really work: a toolkit for public libraries, by Terry Kendrick.

I haven’t seen the book myself, but the review by Philip Calvert (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) indicates it’s a very worthwhile one to consult – a book that is practical and one that helps convert theory into practice. I’m interested that:

In later chapters Kendrick discusses the market for public library services, and how to discover more about this by market research to help in the creation of a community profile. He goes to describe how the market can be segmented and a value proposition written for each segment.