Top Tech Trends from ALA’s midwinter meeting

Apparently a significant difference this year was that “younger, first-time participants” were on the panel. So here are the top trends to get our heads around:

  1. Discovery systems featuring aggregate indexes of subscription and local content e.g. Summon from Serials Solution, EBSCO Discovery service – apparently the “logical next step after federated search”
  2. Need to consider the concept of “user experience” (UX) as new technology-driven services are designed
  3. The “near universal adoption of mobile technology” as “libraries must be prepared for the inevitable change of patron expectations as they accomplish an increasing number of daily tasks on mobile devices”
  4. Augmented reality – “the combination of the real and virtual … in real time and in a 3-D nature”
  5. End of apps, new code – moving from platform-specific mobile downloads to the development of mobile-optimized web portals
  6. The reinvention of the book – some interesting comments here “ebook hardware is dying”; the future of reading is a software ereader to share work among multiple devices and a social reading platform. Apparently libraries should “steer clear of the hardware game” and the focus should be on content.