A new(ish) Megatrend report and what one university has done with it

Thanks to Judy Stokker’s (Director of Library Services, Queensland University of Technology) keynote presentation to the 2010 Telsig conference, I was alerted to a recent megatrends report.

  CSIRO’s Our Future World: An analysis of global trends, shocks and scenarios can be downloaded for free and highlights 5 megatrends:

  1.  More from less – a world of limited resources
  2. A personal touch – personalisation of products and services
  3. Divergent demographics – older, hungry and more demanding
  4. On the move – urbanising and increased mobility
  5. iWorld – digital and natural convergence.

 Information overload and demand for information management are cited as supporting trends for the personalisation megatrend. With this in mind QUT have developed the Info Solutions Selector to  help university staff select what will be the most useful tool for their information management need – this could be a wiki, a blog, a Sharepoint site, or instant messaging. The site gives a brief description of the tool and when it is appropriate (or not appropriate) to use it. It looks like it would be a very effective way of helping staff finding the best options for their needs and publicising the different tools available via a clear, easy to use interface.

 PS You can register for future versions of the Our Future World report here.