Article: Keeping it short and tweet

Artile from today’s Dominion Post on how businesses in New Zealand are making use of Twitter. Click on the image below to read the article in the free Library Press Display viewer.

The Dominion Post
14 Sep 2009


Sometimes simple promotional tools work the best!

At Massey University Library we’ve been developing some online tutorials for students and as part of the project we are getting a few students to evaluate each one. We weren’t sure how easy it would be to interest students in taking part, but the lure of the $5 printing credit seems to have worked quite well. We put a notice up on the blackboard that we have outside the library, and the whiteboard we have up on level 2 where the information commons is. These proved really effective at recruiting students – even though it’s mid-semester break and there are fewer students around we got the 6 business students we needed in what was effectively less than a day. This was a way better result than we were expecting and gives us a bit of confidence that the evaluation process isn’t going to hold up the production of tutorials at all.

Whiteboard marketing also came into its own earlier in the week. I was scheduled to take a 5.15pm intro Endnote class on Wednesday night. There were no takers on Tuesday morning, but thanks to a message on the whiteboard I  had 11 people at the class in the end.